Sandberg California II VS5 Gloss Black

Code : CA-VS5

California II VS5 Gloss Black

Cost : £1295.00

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California II VS5 Gloss Black

An up to date take on Leo Fenders ubiquitous bass from the 1950s that has had a modern makeover including: high specification pickups, flexible and natural sounding active/passive preamp, precision bridge and stunning German build quality. The over all spectrum of tones makes it ideal for rock/pop/soul/indie/funk - a great take on the classic P bass! This bass is nice and light.

This High quality German Handmade Bass is a alternative to a P-Bass, with a slim neck, somewhere between a Jazz and a Precision and enough detail to keep it away from the Jazz Bass design but to keep the P-Bass purists happy.

With body that is made from Alder, a 6-bolted Maple neck with 22 High quality frets and a zero fret underneath the nut. The VS4 features one Delano P-Bass Pickup at the neck and superb quality 2 band amp with treble, and bass cut and boost, in passive mode the treble control becomes a passive tone control. The Hardware is of a high quality and is designed by Sandberg, the bass comes with High Quality Sandberg gigbag.