Sandberg California II TT5 Brownburst

Code : CA-TT5

California II TT5 Brownburst

Cost : £1350.00

Export guide price £1125.00


California II TT5 Brownburst

This is the new California II, hand made in Germany, an up to date take on Leo Fenders ubiquitous bass from the 1960s that has had a modern makeover including: high specification pickups, precision bridge, lightweight tuners and stunning German build quality. The 35” scale gives improved B string response and an overall tighter, punchier tone.

This High quality German Handmade Bass that captures all of the essence of the original..

This is the new California II series bass with updated lightweight tuners, high mass custom bridge, hand wound pickups super quiet active/passive 2 band eq with active/passive switch where the treble control acts a a passive tone control in passive mode. The bass combines brilliant German build quality with finesse and detail giving a bass guitar that is both aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to play.