Aero MM4 5B SHB with cover

Code : AE-MM4-5B-SHB

Aero MM4 5B SHB with cover

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A modern version of the original Stingray pickup.  The magnets are flush with the bottom of the cover which means it doesn't require the second deeper route of the Stingray pickup. The magnets are exposed, but flat with the cover (i.e. no radius).  The pickup is designed for use as a series hum bucker and does not require a pre-amp.  It can also be used in parallel, but the output is lower and requires additional amplification.

MM4 Type 5B SHB:  Series is W(+), Bk->R, Gn(-).  Parallel is not recommend and would require a pre-amp (where series does not), W&R(+), Bk&Gn(-).